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It is not enough to leave the security of your workstation to the guy responsible of computers in your company to be sure that you are risking nothing. Especially when you’re always on business trips  or if you work from home. Here are some tips you should adopted to protect your personal and professional data

To do so , a large range of hardware and Computer Security Software solutions are often implemented and maintained by teams of experienced professionals.

But despite this careful work, a critical point remains beyond the control of experts: the human factor which means  the behavior of users. Especially when they work from home, or use the same laptop for both home and office use.
Tips How To Get The Best Computer And Data Security
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When you add  to this  a list of outside materials regularly connected to the company network – such as USB sticks or PDAs – control becomes more complicated. Without the cooperation of users, it will be impossible to protect the corporate network. Here is A non-exhaustive list of some basic rules to protect your data in the office, while you are on a business trip or you work from home.

The basic rules in the office

Letting  Passwords written on a Post-it stuck on the computer, stored in a file or given to other persons (whether it’s colleagues or not) are all high-risk practices, but that are still very prevalent in companies.

Choose a password hard to guess but easy to remember , And do not write anywhere. Change it on regular intervals and never tell anyone about .

Think twice before you install softwares such as  Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Kazaa these softwares  are very popular and probably very useful, but they have nothing to do on your work computer (except if it is used as the official company mail). Theses softwares are Regularly exposed to  virus attacks and  can open the door to infections of all kinds. Especially if the files transmitted through them are not analyzed by  an antivirus !

And if you want to install a new software to use for a professional use on your desktop , check with your manager before you install a beta version or one found on Internet.He will probably provide you with  a legal and working version of the software, so you will not endanger the Data Security of of your company. There is no need to remind youy that the illegal downloading of data from your work computer is absolutely not recommended!

External tools: are you sure that they are not a potential risk ? If you need to connect personal devices such as PDAs to your network, ask for help from your manager, to avoid contaminating the network with viruses.

E-mail, spam, spywares : A Good attitude  is  to  regularly update your  antivirus, the security of e-mail is for the most part already assured. But you should still apply the general rules of vigilance such as never opening suspicious attachments.

Do not respond to spams (this would only serve to validate your e-mail) and avoid downloading free software which often contain spyware.

Traveling or at home: think about security as well

A session for each member of your family is not recommended to let the other members of your family or friends  use your laptop. But if you decide to do so, at least take the necessary precautions.

Create a session with a password for each user. This prevents access to  the data of the company. You can also set passwords or additional protections for certain confidential files. so they won’t be modified or deleted accidentally.

Secure your office Internet connection in, the Data Encryption security often used in company’s network protects your data. But what about the home internet connection? Remember to update your antivirus and install personal firewall.

Be careful to the use of software  licenses   indeed who  has not already  tried to install his friend software or the one he has found in the office  on his personal computer? Even if this practice seems innocent is in fact a violation of software licenses.These licenses are often granted for a specified number of computers, and are not eligible to be used  somewhere else .

That’s it be sure that if you do follow all these rules, you will be able to avoid any bad surprise
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