Let's Know, Why Do We Need Carbohydrates For Our Body?

Why do we need carbohydrates for our body? This is certainly question that many people ask themselves. We often hear that they can be detrimental if you are trying to lose weight, but certainly they are part of a balanced diet and are necessary component alongside proteins and fats. Without any one of these your bodily functions are likely to break down and you will not be leading a fully healthy lifestyle.

 Let's Know, Why Do We Need Carbohydrates For Our Body?

As you take carbohydrates on board they will be broken down and converted into glycogen. Glycogen is the primary source of energy for your body and it is absolutely essential both for your daily activities and also when you are undertaking exercise. It is easily accessible and assimilated into your blood unlike fat and protein which can often take longer to provide you with the energy that you need.

There are two primary types of carbohydrates that you can take, simple and complex. The former can be found in foods such as candy, chocolate, and fruit, while the latter will be found in potato, rice, bread, and pasta. Certainly, the former will be essential to short-term energy release, while the latter are important for sustained energy.

The times where you might require these simple carbs will be prior to and after exercise. During these times you will need immediate energy and therefore these are most appropriate for that function.

They are also absolutely essential for general growth and well-being as they come coupled with minerals and vitamins that you cannot get elsewhere. For example, fibre is absolutely essential to a healthy diet and this can only be found naturally by eating vegetables, fruits, and pulses.

At the end of the day, therefore, no diet will be fully functioning and healthier without the incorporation of carbs. They are necessary for energy and contain vital minerals and vitamins that you need for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.
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