Friday, September 9, 2016

Isnt it time for you to do something effective about the unwanted fat on your body? Doing yet another diet is not the answer. You should know that, if you have gone a diet before. If you continue to do what you have done before, you will need to get used to seeing the fat on your body.

Effective weight loss is losing weight permanently. It results in fat loss. Once you lose the weight and the fat, you keep it off.
 If You Keep Doing What You Have Been Doing, You Will Stay Fat

To achieve a loss of weight that is lasting, requires that you first change your mindset. You cant go on thinking that it would be nice to lose weight and, at the same time, carry on doing what you have always done. You must really want to change the way that you look and you must change the things that you do, that affects your appearance. Until you change your mindset, you would be better advised to learn to live with your fat because you will not lose it.

However, when you really have had enough of seeing your unwanted body fat and when you really want to change the way that you feel about yourself, you can and you will. Countless actors, dancers, models, athletes and people from other walks of life, keep weight and fat off their bodies. They have a compelling reason to do so and they have learned how to do it.

To lose weight that will be permanent, involves living an active lifestyle and learning and abiding by certain eating routines.

I will address the active lifestyle part first. This means that you must use your body a lot more than you have been using it, from now on. It means more physical exertion. It means that you will need to do exercise that burns fat, regularly. You will have to do this for the rest of your life.

When it comes to eating for fat loss, there are ways of eating that will help you to lose fat and not regain it. You probably do not know about them. These ways of eating do not include strict, rigid and inflexible rules, that eliminate most of the foods that you enjoy eating.

Strict diets that remove most of the food that you enjoy, is the specialty of the billion dollar diet industry. When you do one of their crash diets, you lose weight during the time you are on the diet. After the diet, you satiate your cravings for these foods in a big way and you regain the weight that you lost.

The profits of the massive diet industry are growing, as is the obesity problem in America. The diets that are sold by diet companies, undeniably fail to achieve weight loss that is lasting. They only bring about a temporary loss of weight, from which they are making a lot of money.

Eating to achieve a lasting loss of weight is not restrictive. What you eat is an element of it. It does not involve denial of certain foods, but rather sensible decision making around what you eat.

What is more important, is when you eat and how you eat. They are more important, because you do not know about these things as yet. As a result, you are violating some basic laws of nutrition that prevent permanent weight loss.
If You Keep Doing What You Have Been Doing, You Will Stay Fat if you keep doing what you've always done

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