Tomorrow's energy Let's Know About That

Let’s start by asking you a simple question , what’s according to you , the biggest problem that the human being may have to face in the next 100 years ? Tough question isn’t it
Tomorrow's energy Let's Know About That
Maybe you are not concerned about this at the time you are reading this article but in few decades we , or ( our children ) will have to face a big challenge which is provide new sources of energy , since of course those on which we rely today are not going to last forever , today the main sources of energy are :

This is the main energy that we use (36%). It is also the basis of plastics. It has a high energy density, but pollutes and produces greenhouse gases. the largest oil producers are countries like Saudi Arabia , Russia, the united states and Iran .

Coal represents 24% of global energy consumption. It produces greenhouse gasesand greatly pollutes the environment.

Natural Gas
It constitutes 23% of global consumption. It pollutes too , but releases less greenhouse gases than other fossil fuels.

The use of fossil fuels such as natural gas , coal or oil , produces a huge amount of greenhouse gases, which results in the rising of sea levels which is not only due to melting ice, but also the expansion of the upper layers of the ocean. We can also observe many climate changes: droughts, floods, desertification
since about 200 years our technological technical progress were closely linked to the abundance of those sources of energy , but now things are about the change , and if we don’t find a solution to this soon ,our stability is severely threatened .

so the question is what are the energies that we may rely on in the future , I’ve made a little search and here are the main energies that researchers believe we are going to start using use in near future :

Nuclear power
The life of a nuclear power plant is 40 to 60 years, and during these years it produces enough energy for a very reasonable cost. it does not create any greenhouse effect, but, instead, leaves radioactive waste for thousands of years.

It uses the heat of the Earth (from the nucleus), it has no bad effects because this energy produces no waste.

It is a very expensive system with a fairly average performance. the other problem is that too much energy in needed to build solar panels.

It is energy from plants. The combustion releases CO2, but the biomass is not participating in the greenhouse effect . The problem lies in its lack of effectiveness.

The Aeolian is a renewable energy and through wind generators it’s possible to produce electricity in any windy region , but of course it needs a special infrastructure that costs a lot of money.

So as we have seen through this article, many solutions are available, but up to now there is no country that has really started investing and taking advantages from theses energies, what are they waiting for ? this is the question that I keep asking my self 
Tomorrow's energy Let's Know About That