Tuesday, August 9, 2016

If you explore the longest street by foot, it will make you so tired. If you have a bike or even a car, you can enjoy the journey to pass the longest street. The record of the longest street in the world is taken by Pan-American Highway. The Spanish people call it as Carretera Panamericana, Autopista Panamericana. On the other hand, the French people call it under the name of Route panaméricaine.

The length of the street is about 29,800 miles or 47,958 kilometers. It also features a rain forest named as the Darien Gap with the length of 54 miles or 87 kilometer. It will be impossible for you to pass the Darien Gap by using motorcycle for this area has so many trees. The Pan-American Highway is beneficial as the pathway of transportation. Without this longest street, it will be difficult for the people to access several important cities.

Longest street: pan-american highway

This longest street spans through Alaska, Prudhoe Bay, South America, ad North America. You will get the opportunity to visit some cities like Ushuaia and Quellón Puerto Montt. It will be a great idea for the people who get bored and want for some challenge. You can explore cities in this highway. Even though the terrain is a bit dangerous especially in rainy season, it will be fun for you. It will take days for you to explore all of the sceneries, countries, and cities passed by this longest street.

The shape of the longest street is a bit windy. You need to be patient with that. Just make sure that your car is rugged, tough and agile. It will be much safe if you make an exploration during the dry season. It can reduce the risk of the danger.

Longest street: darien gap

This longest street has several highways. Some of them include the Inter-American highway and Alaska Highway located in US. The Inter-American Highway is located on the middle of Panama Canal and US. Both highways were constructed in the era of WW II. When you and friends decide to make an exploration in this longest street, you will be impressed with the surrounding environment. The climate as well as the topography is diverse. You will be able to view the hot sunny dessert, thick forest, along with the coolest Mountain.

Longest street: Map

This longest street links many countries. That’s why you will be served with different types of terrain from each place. If you want to try the adventure to visit the northern pan America Highway, you are allowed to enjoy nice countries. Those are US, Mexico, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, and Panama.

If you have more time and want to enjoy more challenging experience, why don’t you pick the southern part of this longest street? You will be able to explore the fourteen countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Suriname, Brazil, Guyana, Colombia, Argentina, and Peru. If you want to travel between countries, you can pick this longest street in the world.
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