How To Faster Gnome Linux Ubuntu PC ?

If You want to have your Ubuntu Gnome Menus get faster and give you instant response during execution. Here a simple tips for you :
How To Faster Gnome Linux Ubuntu PC
  • me@AMDIntrepid:~$> sudo gedit /home/aburifqi/.gtkrc-1.2-gnome2 , Change “aburifqi” with your current username
  • (Note that this file is on Ubuntu Intrepid, just change the file name with similar file name in the same folder at your  Ubuntu system)
  • Put this additional line on the file  gtk-menu-popup-delay = 100 You can vary 100 to 50 or 0 (50 meaning 50 ms)
  • Save your  edited file
  • Log Off then re-Login or just simply restart your system
You can do this Additional step if you like, this step used to cache your icon into memory during startup :
  • echo “find /usr/share/pixmaps/ | xargs cat > /dev/null” >> ~/mystart
  • echo “find /usr/share/icons/Human/ | xargs cat > /dev/null” >> ~/mystart
  • chmod +x ~/mystart
  • Add this file on your Gnome startup  System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> Add, and write “~/mystart” on the name and the Command
  • Restart the  system
Ways to Speed Up Your Ubuntu PC