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Let me show you the reason people can’t live in Antarctica. This region is located on the southern hemisphere of the earth. People also call it as the South Pole. The Antarctica Circle is bordered by the southern ocean. This continent is located on the fifth position based on its area. It spans on the land of 5.4 million square miles or 14 million square km.
Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Live in Antarctica Let's Know

1.More fuel to use
Living in Antarctica seems a bit difficult to do since there are many things that human beings should have to make a comfortable living here. Building the source of power in this place needs a lot of cash even though US has a plan to build a small power station from nuclear system.

2.More energy consumption
Most countries in the world place their staff in this continent. If you think that they live comfortably in a house, you are totally wrong. This staff should live in a bunker. It is used to lower the energy consumption when the winter comes. Heating will cost too much fuel.

3. More cash to spend
Living in Antarctica definitely will burn the money away. There are many things that you should get to support your life. You should think about cooking, eating, taking a bath and many other important activities.

4. Liminted logistic
The limited logistic is on the fourth reason people can’t live in Antarctica. Can you imagine if you run out of food? You cannot go to store like what you do when you live at home. Most logistics for the people in Antarctica is saved underground to make them last longer.

5. Harsh winter
Living in Antarctica during the winter absolutely is not a great decision to have. It is so cold to make your body freeze. However, in the summer season, many people like tourists love to come here using cruises.

6. Rough weather
The people who want to live in Antarctica should be able to trick the rough weather in this place. The reason people can’t live in Antarctica also lies on the inability to overcome the dangerous situation in this place. You need to make sure that you know how to dress. You should know much about some problems like frost-nip and hypothermia.

7. No electronic signal
The reason people can’t live in Antarctica is the absence of the electricity signal. If you love accessing internet to watch your favorite video and music or to chat with your friends using mobile phone, you can’t do it here.

8. Coldness
Even though you will rarely see the snow falling from the sky, the coldness in Antarctica can make you freeze if you stay outside your bunker for a long time. There is no time for you to enjoy the scenery if you want to stay alive.

9.Extreme weather
The eighth point of the reason people can’t live in Antarctica lies on the extreme weather. If you try to live here, you need to make sure that you are ready enough for this survival activity. It is bit challenging for some people.

10. Low temperature
The temperature of this continent is deadly low. It can reach -129 °F or -89 °C. If you go to this place, you will never see any permanent resident. The people living here are scattered based on their research station.Top 10 Reasons You Can’t Live in Antarctica Let's Know Ten Reasons NOT To Live On Mars

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