Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To The Moon

In this post, you will be served with the reason not to go to the moon. Most people will always want to go to the moon since this place in our perception is a nice place to investigate and analyze. But before you come into such decision, you should know that this place is not really like what you have thought. Why? For the answer, you may need to look at the reason not to go to the moon below.
Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To The Moon

1.Dead soil in the moon
The first reason not to go to the moon is about its dead soil. If you think that staying in a moon is safe, you may need to change your mind. The lunar scientists state about it after their research on the moon’s soil.

2.Moon’s water
The water that the lunar scientists found in the moon is not the same with what they have found in earth. The moon’s water is contaminated with 10 million kilogram of regolith. Thus, this water source is not good for human being.

3.Cost of producing water in the moon
Extracting water in the moon will involve not only a complicated process but also huge amount of money. Thus, many lunar scientists think that it is not reasonable to do such extracting process.

4.Water and human being
This next reason not to go to the moon is about the connectivity of the moon’s water and also human being. Since the technology cannot be delivered in the moon to sort the regolith out of the moon’s water, it will be a great consideration of human being not to live in this satellite.

5.NASA and its reason on the moon
NASA which is a leading department which always wants to send some astronauts in the moon   also confesses that delivering them on the moon actually is useless since there is no powerful reason and motivation to do such a thing even though people will always perceive it as respected value.

6.NASA and Review committee
This department has been completely criticized in a couple times ago by the committee. The committee considered this department is too ignorant with the longer term of goal of exploring the Mars planet.

7.NASA and the cost of program
Exploring the moon again and again definitely will make the committee spend a whole lot of amount of money to cover all of the researched made by NASA. 3 billion is needed every year for developing the program.

8.Moon and colonialism
The people will always dream to conquer not only the world but also the space. That’s why it appears to their thought that before we want to conquer Mars and any other planets, we should first conquer the moon.

9.Moon and other exploration
Probably we need to thank about going to the moon for the astronauts since it opens the ways for the societies to develop their technology for further exploration to other planets like Mars.

10. Moon exploration and its expensive cost
On the last reason not to go the moon, you may see that the cost spent for the exploration is so deadly fantastic. Not all of the countries can have such opportunity to develop the space center department like NASA just because of economical barrier.Nine Good Reasons for Space Exploration Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go to the Moon Top 10 Longest Rivers in The World