How To Extra Weight Affects Mental Your Health

Those who suffer from mental health issues are particularly prone to being affected by extra weight. Additionally, illnesses such as depression or anxiety can result in putting on extra pounds due to the fact that many of the medications that treat these maladies have weight gain as a side effect. While there are many ways to offset the unwanted girth associated with certain mental illnesses, such as getting a lap band, most sufferers tend to simplify agonize with it.

How To Extra Weight Affects Mental Your Health

When a person with a mental health illness notices weight gain, there is often panic involved. It can feel as though the added weight is just another aspect of the condition that is beyond his/her control. Doctors and psychiatrists, while usually sympathetic, often have limited options apart from adding medications or switching the medications the patient is currently taking.

Individuals with depression seem to be the worst affected by added weight, as it can begin a cycle of hopelessness that leads to further overeating. Since eating is one way depressed people cope with their depression, and gaining weight can make people depressed, this cycle tends to feed on itself until both the depression and the weight gain have spiraled completely out of control.

In the case of psychiatric conditions with a component of anxiety, such as manic depression, extreme measures are often sought to overcome the undesired weight. There can be periods of intense, and in some cases unhealthy, exercise or wild attempts at fasting or other extreme dieting. These methods almost inevitably always fail, as the impetus behind them is usually based upon misguided thinking that is part of the condition itself.

While all this information may make the situation sound bleak or hopeless for those suffering from mental illnesses, options are available. There have been many advances in surgical procedures that allow for those without as much control over their eating to simply feel less hungry. This is important, as those with mental illness often cite a feeling of continual hunger that is not lessened by eating.

If being overweight is contributing to depression or is simply a symptom of it, don’t let it get out of control. Look into the procedures available for dealing with the problem definitively. Solving the problem will make it one less issue that has to be dealt with. How To Extra Weight Affects Mental Your Health How Does Being 10 Pounds Overweight Affect Your Life