10 Most Famous Traitors All Time

phenomena in the history of the traitors who have betrayed the people closest to them or who have betrayed their own country this 10 Most Famous Traitors All Time

10. GUY FAWKES picture via chsrentals.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Guy Fawkes was a member of the revolutionary group of Roman Catholics who conspired against the British aristocracy in 1605. His attempt to blow up the Parliament building in which there is King James I and his family also Protestant nobility successfully thwarted by the authorities.And he’s caught. Actually Fawkes and his colleagues have developed a plan that is very ripe, use the cellar under the “The House of Lords” (parliament building name) as their headquarters and hid more than half ton of explosives in a hidden place. The goal of all this, Fawkes and his colleagues wanted the loosening effect of the Spanish empire on British affairs.

Under torture even, he refused to name his friends until he was sure they had confessed. He was sentenced, hanged, drowned, and his body divided into four in 1606, but at the penalty stage he managed to fool the executioner, skip and eventually die of a broken neck due to jump, at the tip of his death he remains “slick”. Stories from the Fawkes has become a reference in the movie “V for Vendetta”. Today Guy Fawkes is celebrated  in England every year on 5 November, a warning with name “Bonfire Night”.

9. ROBERT HANSSEN image via thewhistleblowers.info
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Hanssen grew up in unnormal family , often beaten by his father. He  began His  career as a policeman in Chicago, and went out to pursue a career as an FBI Special Agent in 1976. Hanssen has a strange habit, namely record sexual activity with his own wife and show it to their neighbors, very unusual. In 1979, he was involved with FBI counterintelligence, and this paved the way for a person “selling the State” in American history. In 1983, Hanssen turned to the unity of espionage for the Soviet Union in the FBI.Using his knowledge of computer, telephone wiretaps and electronic surveillance, he has repeatedly sell info list of FBI double agent and other info to the KGB espionage to get the money.

Hanssen is reported to the FBI by his own brother-in-law, Mike Hauck. He is currently serving a sentence of life imprisonment, in the ADX Florence, Colorado.Real story is in a movie called “Breach”.

8. JANE FONDA image via newsmax.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Jane Fonda grew lying in Hollywood. After easily fit in the film world (perhaps because she’s daughter of old  star Henry Fonda), Jane became an activist who is very controversial in the eyes of the Americans in Vietnam war veterans (including Jon McCain, U.S. presidential candidates.) At the time Jane was very sympathetic to the war in North Vietnamese party, posing with their anti-aircraft gun and extremely not believe that some American soldiers who found and questioned in the North Vietnamese prison camp are treated cruelly from “friends” of the North Vietnamese.

She further believes what is toldby  Vietcong troops than his own people talk. Many veterans after the war wanted to sue Jane for this betrayal, still as a Woman  with money she managed to escape from the punishment of her guilt side of North Vietnam at that time. Now She says regretted it, but the veterans still hard to forgive her

7. BRUTUS image via history.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Male nephew of Julius Caesar, Marcus Junius Brutus. Brutus joined the Senate in Rome after a very successful early career as a loan shark. On the day of the murder of Julius Caesar, there are rumors that the plan is already known, and many therefore wary conspirator. Brutus’s wife even pleaded with him to stay away from the Senate in the afternoon.

Brutus does not care, and lied that he wanted to wait for his uncle, along with a group of senators who then attacked Caesar with their bare hands. Famous quote, “Et tu, Brutus?” (You too, Brutus?) Is spoken by Caesar when he saw the treason committed by his own brother’s nephew. Brutus committed suicide after losing in the second Battle of Philippi in 42 BC.

6. WANG JINGWEI image via cedricbeau.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Regarded as athe most remarkable  traitor in the history of China, was born in 1833, the age of 21 years, he went to school in Japan, where he met with Dr. Sun Yat Sen who is also a mentor. Under the influence of Dr. Sun, he began to participate in the plan, including an assassination attempt against the government in Beijing Manchu officials who failed. Jang in jail until the Wuchang uprising in 1911, after that, in 1925 he became the successor to Dr. Sun as president while the ROC, after Dr. Sun’s death (The President while ROC). Wang could not maintain its power, with the military faction Jieshi Jiang (Chiang Kai Sek), which captured it in that year.

When Nanjing fell to the Japanese in 1937, Wang started his betrayal by cooperating with the Japanese government. He supports Japan’s plan to dominate China. China Time in times of emergency and requires strength, Jingwei even joined with Japanese who are the occupiers.Wang died before he could witness the defeat of Japan by Allied forces in World War II.

5. THE ROSENBERGS picture source jewishcurrents.org
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Selling atomic secrets to the Russians during the Cold War. Rosenbergs couples willing to do anything to advance their Communist beliefs. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg joined the Communist Party until 1943, when all of a sudden they look like a retreat from political activity. This is also the same as the year in which they cooperate with super spy of the Soviet Union, Feliksov.

Julius Rosenberg was involved in espionage against the United States government affairs, he acted to steal confidential information and replace it with the Russians, and looking for new recruits to the spy USSR. He was arrested while shaving one morning in 1950. He and his wife, Ethel, was executed on June 19, 1953.

4. BENEDICT ARNOLD image via topyaps.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Benedict Arnold was an American general during the American Revolution until he decided to join the British. Born in Connecticut in January 1741, he came from difficult family backgrounds, where his family struggled to get out of poverty and hardship. Always known as a troubled child, having grown prominent in the military.

From the early beginning as a war hero and true patriot, Arnold conspired to surrender the American fort at West Point, New York to the British plan failed and he was beaten back and fled to the sea. In England he was also not accepted because the English people are also suspicious of the man who betrayed his own country so easily. He died in poverty in Canada in 1801.

3. ALDRICH AMES image via abcnews.go.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Ames entered the Soviet Embassy in Washington in 1985 and offered to do business with the American secret for one reason, namely money. He is an alcoholic and had a second wife who materialistic , named Rosario who often spends his salary from the CIA. To provide all the needs of his wife, he was willing to do much harm to the U.S. government by giving the name of American spies and other counterintelligence information. At least he is harmful to more than 100 times  of U.S. military operations. He got at least 4.6 million dollars from this business and 10 people were killed because American agents discovered by the Soviets.

He was arrested for suspicion of the CIA with a salary of $ 60,000 a year could produce a house worth $ 400,000, jaguar car for $ 60,000 and his wife’s telephone bill $ 6,000 a month. He was arrested and sentenced to life imprisonment, his wife Rosario deported to South America. In the game Metal Gear Solid 2 – Sons of Liberty, Raiden meets with a secret service, named Richard Ames.

2. VIDKUN QUISLING image via jumpingpolarbear.wordpress.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Quisling was originally not considered until he formed the National Unity Party in 1933. He loved Hitler and is a firm believer in the doctrine of Fascism. Quisling, a military general, met with Hitler and convinced he has all the information about the Norwegian military strategy. When the German invasion, Quisling was appointed prime minister “puppet”, while the original government officials fired, broke and ran. Citizens of Norway are very disgusted with his appointment, and the rebel that he resign.

However, Hitler’s support it in his post. Failure as a politician, Quisling often make their own mistakes, even in the eyes of the Nazi party. After the German surrender in Norway, Quisling was tried and also the deaths of as many as 1000 Jews during the war. He was executed in 1945.

1. JUDAS ISCARIOT image via image via jumpingpolarbear.wordpress.com
10 Most Famous Traitors All Time
Judas betrayed Jesus to cooperate with the authorities of Rome. The twelfth member betray his friend for some money – thirty pieces of silver.Judas set up a special sign to tell the identity of Jesus to the authorities. 
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