Zoobic Safari in Subic Philippines

Zoobic Safari is one of the most popular tourist spots in Subic Bay, Philippines. Among other destinations in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone such as Ocean Adventure, Apaliin Trail, El Kabayo Riding Stables and Grande Island, Zoobic Safari is a crowd favorite mainly because of the fierce-looking tigers.

Zoobic Safari stands in the middle of the jungle. The owners and authorities have made it clear that the construction of Zoobic Safari has not caused nature corruption of any kind.

Zoobic Safari in Subic Philippines
As you enter Zoobic Safari, there is an area where you can pay to have your picture taken with a tiger. A tour guide is then assigned to a group of visitors that come in. The purpose of which is they want to make sure outsiders will know more about the animals and the different kinds of sights found inside Zoobic Safari.

Zoobic Safari is divided into a number of attractions: Zoobic Park Petting Zoo, Zoobic Serpentarium, Tiger Safari, Tiger Close Encounter, the Savannah, Rodent World, and more. The tour starts at Zoobic Park Petting Zoo. There is a path through a forest with different animals stationed on the both sides of the walkway. You will see camels, birds, deer, horses, bearcats, and some farm animals like goats, sheep and pigs.

Zoobic Serpentarium is where different kinds of reptiles that are kept inside cages and an ammunition bunker are found. As you step out of the Serpentarium, you will see baby crocodiles in the ponds.

The Zoobic Tiger Safari is the crowd-drawer. Here, guests can get live chickens at the price of Php 200 to feed to the tigers. An improvised secured jeepney is also available to bring people closer to the tigers. In the Tiger Close Encounter, there is a small train that will take the visitors around the cages of the tigers. The tour guide then gives a short history of each tiger and explains the origin of their names.

Found in the Zoobic Savannah are ostriches, guinea fowl, wild boards and potbellies.

Animals are not all there is to see in Zoobic Safari. There are also native people and native houses that visitors can take pictures of. The animals in Zoobic Safari may not be all originally from the Philippines but the place was still developed with a Filipino theme in mind.

The entrance fee at Zoobic Safari is Php 295 (Monday-Thursday) or Php 395 (Friday-Sunday).

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