The Early Symptoms of Diabetes

The rise in blood sugar levels in the body , often referred to not have definite symptoms . This condition makes people feel there is nothing wrong with his body .

Consumption of sugary foods or beverages was continued , until finally they are positives detected diabetes . In fact , in addition to routine medical examination , following some signals could also indicate that the body’s sugar levels began to worry
The Early Symptoms of Diabetes

blurred vision
Impaired vision is often affected by the condition of diabetes . Such as swelling of the eye lens due to high blood sugar levels that make the vision impaired . Another possibility is the result of excessive sugar levels , damage to the optic nerve .

Drastic decrease weight
If your weight dropped dramatically , but not on a diet or exercise hard , this could be a sign of diabetes . This happens because the body’s inability to absorb the sugar .

excessive hunger
If no heavy exercise or mengomsumsi normal amounts of food , but always feel hungry , it could also be an indication of diabetes symptoms . Diabetes prevents the glucose to enter the cells , so the body can not convert food into energy .

Fungal skin infections or poor healing
When the body has excess sugar , it will affect the body’s ability to recover from infection . Women with diabetes are generally difficult to recover when experiencing va+gin*** and bladder infections .

Frequent tingling
Excessive sugar also damage the nerves , along with damage to blood vessels . This is shown by the frequent numbness or tingling in the feet and hands .