Jet Skiing And More in Subic Philippines

For the more athletic adventurer, Jet skiing is one sport that beach buffs would probably want to engage with. Why is it so? Perhaps for some, it gives them the thrill of driving just like riding on a motorcycle bike, but the only difference is one can feel the waves come in lapping, splashing and getting wet while riding on such Clayton Jacobsen II’s personal watercraft, better known as PWC, which Kawasaki Heavy Industries Incorporated was successful in coming out with this type of water engine that dates back in 1973.
Jet Skiing And More in Subic

Today in the Philippines, particularly in Subic, Jet skiing is one of its tourist attractions since the sport is also good for beginners or even for the physically challenged individuals, but of course with proper safety precautionary measures applied. Subic Bay, a former American naval base, when the country still has been closely working with the US and is one place that most beach lovers or even Jet ski buffs would like to pay a visit.

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Going to Subic may be an ideal grand vacation getaway not just for those who love to ski, but it is ideal for travelers to experience eating with their bare hands, which is popularly known as ‘kamayan’ since the Filipino forefathers, the Malays and Indonesians ate with their hands. Eating with one’s bare hands is even much easier than using spoon and fork or chopsticks and stuffing food wrapped in a freshly-cut banana leaf is far more exciting than eating from a bowl or a plate. Aside from pigging out around Subic, shopping galore is one recommended activity for tourists can purchase lavish deal of affordable goods either at Pure Gold and Royal Duty Free.

Then, the immersion of the Philippines’ historical memories since during the Spanish occupation, they built a gate, which eventually fell into their battles against Americans and Japanese.

One of the best places to stay in Subic is Courtyard Inn, which takes pride of being a family-oriented hotel that exhibits genuine Filipino hospitality and excellent service. Having to choose to stay here promises a well-deserved tummy experience via their Aresi’s bar that opens as early as 7 o’clock in the morning till 12 midnight for the whole week.

The bar is known for its delectable Western cuisine the likes of grilled steaks, pastas and pizzas. For Jet Ski lovers, Courtyard Inn is just across Networx Jetsports and located on Waterfront Road, SBMA in Subic.
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