Fitness Strength Training Program

Strength Training Program,Strength training workouts help you to build muscles, burn fat and are also a method of weight training in athletes and sports persons. Strength training helps in boosting an athlete’s performance. Strength training makes you stronger and thus becoming stronger is obviously the best way of improving your performance.
Fitness Strength Training Program

Anatomy Of Strength Training

Leg lift:

Lying down on the floor both the legs are straightened out and hands at the sides, lift both the legs up in the air without bending your knees. Hold in the air for a few seconds. Then lower your legs and repeat without the legs hitting the floor. Lifting your legs to a horizontal position with them straightened out is much more difficult and it helps to strengthen the lower abdomen. If you are really a fit guy then try leg lifts with a medicine ball suspended from your leg.

Push Ups:

With the toes and hands touching the floor and with the back and arms straight lower your body towards the floor. As you move down breathe in and as you rise your body again breathe out. Do as many repetitions as possible and try to increase the repetitions each day. As you start finding it easy try adding some weights on to your back and do push ups.

Shoulder Press:

An ideal strengthening exercise for your shoulder. All the muscles of the shoulders are involved. The areas mainly worked upon are back, shoulders, obliques, arms. This strengthening exercise can be performed either by standing up or by sitting down.

strength training workouts Pull Ups:

It is an exercise where you must lift your own weight. It is probably the best strength training for your upper body and to build muscle mass. You don’t necessarily need to spend a lot to do this. All that you should do is to find a horizontal bar from which you can hang with your hands. Make sure the bar is not too flimsy so that you don’t end up falling down and break your bones. Initially you might find it very hard, but gradually start increasing the number and do as many repetitions as possible.

Sit ups:

Lying down on the floor with the knees bent so that feet are touching the floor and the arms crossed over the chest, ask someone to hold your feet and then lift all the way up. Keep doing it for a few days until you find it easy. Then more difficult exercises like weighted sit ups and sit ups on an inclined platform can be done. Sit ups is an ideal exercise to strengthen your abdomen. People aspiring to have a Six pack should take this strengthening exercise seriously.


very good strength training exercise for your legs and buttocks. Initially to start with you can just sit down and stand up from a regular chair. Then try doing the same thing without the chair. Once you start finding this easy try the same exercise with weights in your hand. Medicine balls should do the job. For some serious strengthening of your legs and thighs, place weights on your shoulder and perform the sitting down and standing up action.