Monday, July 11, 2016

Using The Right Contact Lens Solutions Can Make All The DifferenceWhich contact lens solution do you use? If you said, "whatever is on sale" and you suffer from contact lens complications, your solution may be your problem.Did you know that the simple act of mixing the wrong solution combinations can cause red and itchy eyes? In some cases, mixing the wrong combination of contact lens solutions can even turn your contacts brown!.
Using The Right Contact Lens Solutions Can Make All The Difference

The difference is within the cleaning and disinfection agent to keep your contact lenses clean, and the preservative used to keep your solution fresh. Each type of solution will have it's own unique combination of sometimes proprietary cleaning agents. All to keep your contact lenses clean and safe to wear.

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And furthermore, not all contact lens solutions are designed to placed directly into the eye, causing serious discomfort and burning when the inevitable happens. This is why it is highly suggested you follow the simple advice of your eye care professional regarding which solution to use with your contact lenses. If your eyes get really confused by all the different chemicals you are placing on your contact lenses, it may be necessary to discontinue wearing your contact lenses and stay with a pair of eyeglasses for a period of time for any ocular issues to settle down. This makes the trouble shooting process much more straightforward.

If you experience challenges that may be solution related, contact your eye care professional for their advice for the best solution for your eyes, lenses, and scenario.

Some of the most popular soft lens solutions are:
-Renu Moistureplus (note this is different than Renu MoistureLoc which was removed from the market)
-OptiFree Express
-OptiFree Replenish
-Complete Moisture Plus
-Clear Care (hydrogen peroxide cleaner)

And for Cleaning Gas Permeable lenses, some of the most popular are:

-Boston Original, Simplus, and Advanced
-Optimum by Lobob

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