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The need to feed, albeit a requisite for survival, has also led us to an ongoing battle with our weight; good protein snacks guiltlessly satiate that need without the added pounds. Good protein snacks are also a great way to catch up to the world’s fast and ever-changing lifestyle. Whether you’re in it to lose weight, get lean or simply just be healthy, proper snacking is the best solution.
Top 10 High Good Protein Snacks

Good Protein Snacks

Experts are telling us to take several smaller protein-rich snacks per day than the traditional three-meal model. Why? Simply because good protein snacks will generally keep you fuller for a longer period of time, reduces appetite and even lessens the amount of calories you consume. Plus, snacks are easier to take – whenever, wherever.

You’ll be surprised to know that meat isn’t the only source of good protein. Below is a list containing some good protein snacks (with some preparation tips) that can appease both the meat-lovers and even the strictest of vegetarians. Create some healthy high protein snack recipes.

Examples of Good Protein Snacks

1. Beef Jerky - an old classic but a healthy choice. An ounce of beef jerky contains 70 calories and one gram of fat, but delivers 11 grams of protein. You just might want to be careful of the brands sold in convenience stores, as they are often high in salt.

2. Chicken – use this as a substitute for your usual clubhouse sandwich. You could also roll it up in a tortilla and add some BBQ sauce for taste.

3. Tuna – this particular member of the protein crew is one of the most popular alternative ways of enjoying meat, minus the guilt.

4. Eggs – considered to being one of the best sources of protein. Keep hard-boiled egg in the fridge for a fast snack. Don’t forget to remove the yolk!

On average, an egg white only contains 15 calories, four grams of protein and is fat and cholesterol-free. If you have some time on your hands, throw in some sliced garlic, onions and a dash of pepper for a great-tasting omelet.

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5. Nuts – nuts come in a variety of options; peanuts, almonds, pecans, cashew, etc. Surely you could find at least one that you would enjoy. You can buy one different kind each time or simply just buy an assortment to have a little bit of everything. Always opt for the unsalted ones and remember avoid having more than a handful.

6. Peanut Butter – if you enjoyed peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you were younger, consider yourself lucky. This convenient and easy snack is another good pick for your good protein snacks drive. Smear some on a couple slices of whole wheat bread, spread some on your crackers or top it on your favorite fruits.

7. Oatmeal – instant oatmeal is a simple and fast way to supply you with your daily protein needs. Drizzle it with a bit of honey or maple syrup and throw in slices of your favorite fruit for one of the healthiest snacks!

8. Protein Bars – easily available on marts and groceries, this is one of the favorite good protein snacks of athletes and fitness experts. It comes in a number of flavors and varied nutritional values depending on its intended purpose. Choose protein bars that are generally smaller and contain fewer calories.

Dairy Products are Also Good Protein Snacks

9. Cheese – is one of the high protein low carb snacks. Take a slice of cheese and microwave them over whole grain crackers. Add grated hard cheese to dips and pasta salads. The addition of cheese gives you a double dose of protein in your snack. For a much healthier option, mix fresh berries with cottage cheese.

10. Yogurt - low-fat yogurt not only offers protein, but a good source of calcium as well. Convenient, delicious and makes a great dip for sliced fresh fruits. Blend yogurt, fresh fruits and some ice cubes to enjoy the benefits of this healthy and nutritional snack choice with a straw.

These good protein snacks won’t have you reaching for a bag of chips any time soon. Remember though that by no means should you completely eliminate the carbs and fats out of your diet. Balance is the key. Partner good protein snacks alongside a balanced diet and proper exercise and you’ll surely be looking like Jessica Alba or Ryan Reynolds in no time.
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