Theatrical Contact Lenses Will Hypnotize Your Friends

Theatrical Contact Lenses Will Hypnotize Your Friends,Theatrical contact lens artists are coming on to the scene with great designs available for everyone at a great price. Most contact lenses can be made non-prescription or with a prescription. Many artists will even work on toric lenses to correct your astigmatism and make you look wild at the same time.
Theatrical Contact Lenses Will Hypnotize Your Friends

Are you after scary? pretty? fun? or wild eyes?

For a real spooky look, scleral theatrical contact lenses are designed to cover the entire white of your eye with artwork. Some popular scleral lenses are reptile eyes, flames, black out, and Mystique (x-men). Scleral contacts are extremely comfortable when properly fit and the effects are incredible.

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One extremely popular look is the mirrored contact lens. This lens is actually a gas permeable lens. It is designed to be worn over a soft lens for improved comfort. This lens was made popular in the chronicles of Riddick. These lenses give a truly eerie effect.

Costume lenses can be worn for parties, Halloween, costumes, or just for fun. Prescription or non-prescription, contact lenses still need to be fit by your eye care professional. All contact lenses need proper care and all lens wearers need specific instructions regarding the care of lenses.Contact your eye care professional today to be fit with theatrical lenses, or contact one of our partners below to see if you qualify for these wild contact lenses.