How To Youtube Will Give You Money

How many times have you visited Youtube , shared a video from it through your facebook account, or just watched funny videos by searching stupid words such as “ LOL “ “Funny” or “laughing” , neither me nor you ,can deny it, we are all addicted to YouTube, and this through simply watching its videos as I said previously or even for those who are more addicted ,creating a channel that will help them interact with r friends , become a fan of someone or why not ,have fans too
How To Youtube Will Give You Money
Today I have some good news to all of you, YouTube has affirmed that it will pay the authors of the most popular videos ,of course the main purpose of this is to boost its own benefits, but at least as long as we can make some out of it too , it’s cool

YouTube has decided to open its Partner Program to all its users and by sharing advertising revenue, a privilege that used to be up to now only offered for professional.

All this started with a simple idea, and which is to encourage users to post more videos on its platform , of course this will bring more visitors and help YouTube gather money from advertising and develop its business model ,but also the authors of the most popular videos will be able to take some of the cake too.

How will it work ? it’s simple , YouTube is about to give to those who want (only available in the United States for the moment), the ability to insert advertising on the videos they put online. Until now, the monetization of the videos posted on the platform was reserved only for professional editors or users sending videos very regularly, and this via a registration to a special partners program created by the website.

So now what’s the difference, this time it’s YouTube that will first send you the e-mail to the user who published in the site a video that encountered a success. Finally Youtube seems to notice that it’s nothing without our contribution , and to make more benefit it has to give some benefit

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