How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast at home in a month

A person can get six pack abs fast by strengthening his abdominal core muscle and by losing body fat. It may sound easy but achieving it could be difficult. He needs to be dedicated and patient. It would consume a lot of time too. However, in the end the effort put in would be worth it. There are two ways to get six packs. One is dieting and the other is exercising daily. The abs would not show if a layer of fat is present over it. There are special 6 pack abs workouts and 6 pack abs diet.

To get a 6 pack abs, one needs to burn the extra fat present in his body. Exercises like running, jogging, bike riding, dancing and rowing which are collectively known as cardio workouts can be done to reduce the extra fat, because even if a person develops huge ab muscles no one would be able to see it if there is a layer of fat over it.
How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast
Eating small dinners help to develop six pack abs. The reason is that we don’t move after consuming food at night. We can compensate this by increasing the quantity of our lunch and breakfast. Fresh fruits and vegetables are best suited to curb appetite and they have other health benefits too. Nuts have the same benefits too. Drinking a large glass of water before dinner could help one’s cause.

Eating six times a day helps the metabolic system to be intact. In the old dieting system we eat only thrice and that forces us to stay hungry and in the end we stuff in a pizza or a burger, which surely isn’t going to help build 6 pack abs.

The food intake timings should be as given beluw ( how to get 6 pack abs fast via )

1.Breakfast at 8 a.m
2.Snack at 11 a.m
3.Lunch at 1.30 p.m
4.Snack at 4.30 p.m
5.Dinner at 6.30 p.m
6.Snack at 9.15 p.m

The following help in increasing Protein power which in turn help in building six pack abs.

1) Legumes: They are fiber and protein rich. One can get carbs that release the energy slowly.
2) Mollusks: Seafood lovers can add this to their diet to increase protein in their body. They also give iron and Vit-B.
3) Eggs: Six pack abs diets is not complete without Eggs. A couple of boiled eggs added to your breakfast menu can do wonders in increasing protein in your body.

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A few food items for Fiber and energy are as follows:

1) Whole grains: they provide us with sustained energy for workouts.
2) Vegetables: veggies like cauliflower cabbage and broccoli give significant nutrients and help burn fat on the newly developed ab muscles.

Veggies like onions, chives and garlic may make your moth smell bad but they are good for cardiovascular health which is needed for a person’s endurance.

Six pack abs workouts are essential to build six pack abs.

The first workout is crunches. Lie down on the floor and raise your arms in front of the chest. With the knees bent raise your shoulders towards the bent knee. The entire back must not lift off the floor and only the abdominal muscles should be used. While moving towards the bent knees exhalation should take place. Hold for a few seconds and then while going down inhalation should take place.

The second exercise is Sit ups. Lying down on the floor with the knees bent so that feet are touching the floor and the arms crossed over the chest, ask someone to hold your feet and then lift all the way up. Keep doing it for a few days until you find it easy. Then more difficult exercises like weighted sit ups and sit ups on an inclined platform can be done.

The third one is leg lift. Lying down on the floor both the legs are straightened out and hands at the sides, lift both the legs up in the air without bending your knees. Hold for a few seconds. Then lower your legs and repeat without the legs hitting the floor. Lifting your legs to a horizontal position with them straightened out is much more difficult and it helps to strengthen the lower abdomen. If you are really a fit guy then try leg lifts with a medicine ball suspended from your leg.

The fourth exercise to get 6 pack abs quickly is by doing static holds. To do this keep your body in a push up position with the elbows touching the floor. Hold your body in the same position for a while. Beginners should hold at least up to 40 seconds. Static hold can also be done in sideways. That is using one hand. This is called side static hold or T-Stand.

The entire body rests on one hand while the other hand is pointed upwards.

The fifth one is training the entire core. Some of the important exercises are squats and deadlifts. The best squat exercise is to keep a bar with weights on your shoulder and then go down like sitting in a chair. Knees should bend but not the body. The body should be erect with the eyes looking straight
How To Get Six Pack Abs Fast at home in a month