Everything You Need To Know About Google Chrome OS

Until yesterday, Google Chrome OS was a concept in the wind. We now know exactly what it is and how it works:

Google Chrome OS is an open source light operating system. Originally designed for netbooks, its peculiarity lies in the fact that “most of the user experience takes place on the web.
  • It is just a browser, which means that everything will be based on web services as pre-existing Gmail, Google Docs, etc.. There will be no local application, only web apps. Nothing is installed or updatde.
  • It runs as web apps: Chrome OS will integrate the web apps inside the operating system, so it will behave more like native apps than like web apps.
  • How, exactly?: With HTML 5. This is the next version of HTML version, which gives the browser a better access to local resources.
  • Chrome is Chrome: The user experience with Chrome OS is substantially similar to the experience with the browser chrome. Technically, Chrome OS is an operating system based on Linux, but you do not install binaries with Linux as Ubuntu or other Linux distributions.
  • As you probably guessed, it is super light. It starts in a few seconds, and instructs the browser directly.
  • For the moment, it is designed for netbooks. It is not intended for office machines.
Why is this important?
With Chrome OS, Google installs the operating system fully online. The idea is to make the browser powerful enough to make the rest of the operating system and its native apps, useless.

The system is more pure than what people imagined: When Google announced that Chrome OS will be centered around web, most people assumed that this will be a lightweight Linux distribution with a strong integration of Google web services. It’s not that. It is a browser.

But it is a browser that runs separate processes for each tab and which has access to local resources of the operating system. The idea is to replicate the functionality of a native OS while keeping the framework light and and an ultra-secure workstation.

In other words, Google does not ask users to change their habits but is trying to change how the operating system is making it ,  so transparent to users.

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