Thursday, July 14, 2016

Men can be very sexy in her eyes. Not only because of his shape, but also the attitude of sweetness. Its appeal to make a woman fall in love.

1. Body
Not only the muscular men, but also a man with a thin body or even contain. With him, they tried to warm the woman and gives a sense of security.

2. Ability Doing It Hard
The man was awarded the ability to do the difficult things that women can’t . For example, carry heavy things, replace the lamp, or get rid of the dreaded insect partner. Maybe for them the usual things, but if couples do it gladly and with a smile, surely she will ‘melt’.

3. Sensitivity
Men are no less sensitive than women. But when she cried in front of women or show emotion in front of the woman, not a sissy but to suggest he indicates the man already has a very intimate bond with her.

4. Smell
Both after the man’s bathroom or when using perfume or scent of sweat coming home from the office, the smell made her want to stay close to him. It is natural and can increase libido. Just do not smell of armpits wrote, she would move away

5. Brain
It’s scientifically proven that men’s brains are different from female brains. Not about how the men were more like the automotive and football, but with his brain to make women think men can become a creature of the sexiest moments with him.

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6. Humour
The man can easily spend a joke and make her laugh. It was a pile of work load when the man entertain with jokes and behavior that invite laughter.

7. Protection
When crossing the man always took his hand and tried to protect her without being asked. Men are also easily gives the woman his jacket when cold. This small indeed, but this is what makes a woman fall in love.

8. Clothing
Clothing especially socks soft fabric to make women feel want to longer in Man shoulder .The skin seemed to be pampered and added body warmer when hugging .

9. Self Independent
Men tend to try not to depend on others. This is what makes a woman proud of her partner.Independence man makes a woman feel safe and comfortable.

10. Want to receive the couple what they are
As messy hair, facial acne, fat body, and you complain, the man enough to just smile.Men who are  more able to accept the advantages and disadvantages women.

The men  who want to make mad passionate woman, can use one or even all of these.

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