10 Body Parts that Can Be Fatal When Beaten

10 Body Parts that Can be Fatal When Beaten

At first glance, in general, the stomach is a safe part. But do not get me wrong if stomach upset also be fatal. Because there is in the belly of the hull. When auto-digestion stomach hurt us will be disrupted and if hit hard can cause vomiting of blood.

In the back there is the spinal cord as a nerve. When hit hard not just throwing up blood but it could also cut off the spine. Can be treated surgically.

Dada is the most frequently beaten. Inside the chest are the lungs. Inside the chest is also there to protect the pulmonary rib-paru.Akan very dangerous if the damaged lungs, breathing will be disturbed and can cause death.
4. Chin
Surely you are wondering why the chin is called a vital part when struck? You can try for yourself, it feels pain when struck chin section. That’s because it is connected by a jaw chin. When struck hard can cause  jaw broke.

The nose consists of cartilage. When you hit will be very prone to bleed, and if it is damaged will interfere with breathing.

The ear also consists of cartilage. What will happen when the ear struck? When you hit your ear will cause the fluid in the ear shake and make dizzy and eventually passed out.

7. EYE
The eyes are the sense of sight only us. When the eye was hit hard, the eyes will be damaged and could even go blind. Just imagine, just plug it hurt much less beaten.

BRAIN useful protecting our heads. Do not occasionally try at the head {unless being pressed), because the head is a central nervous system and if hit, can cause brain Damage. And if you’ve really severe, the victim / opponent will die instantly.

Behind the neck spinal cord systems exist. When the nervous system is broken, we can not do anymore…

You must already know, this is a vital part of the most severe when hit. As an example of male genitalia. If one testicle is broken, will result in barren.

11.Adam’s apple
Never at this section, except in cases of urgency. Try press your the little Adam’s apple / your neck. Going to hurt. Especially hard hit could cause damage to the respiratory system, digestive tract and vocal cords will be broken and the victim could die.