Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry is Industry Drug and Medication Industry Raw Materials . Definition of the drug so that the dosage or alloy materials ready to be used to influence or investigate the physiology or pathology system in the establishment of diagnosis, prevention , cure, rehabilitation , health promotion and contraception.
Pharmaceutical Industry

While the definition of medicinal raw material is good material efficacious or not efficacious drug that is used in processing quality standards as pharmaceutical ingredients. The pharmaceutical company must obtain a business license pharmaceutical industry , because the industry was required to meet the requirements set by the Minister of Health .

The pharmaceutical industry should make the drug in such a way to suit the intended use , meet the requirements specified in the marketing authorization ( registration ) and does not pose a risk of harm to users because it is not safe , low-quality or ineffective . Quality management is responsible for the achievement of these objectives through a " Quality Policy " , which requires the participation and commitment of all ranks in all departments within the company , the suppliers and the distributors . To achieve the objectives of the quality required consistent and reliable quality management thoroughly designed and implemented correctly

It should be stressed buildings and facilities for the manufacture of drugs ought to have the design , construction , location of adequate and appropriate conditions and treatments done to facilitate the implementation of correct operation . The layout and design of the room should be made in such a way to minimize the risk of mistakes , and other errors of cross contamination and facilitate cleaning , sanitation and effective care to avoid cross contamination , dust or dirt build up and other effects that can degrade the quality of the drug