This is the Advantages and Cons Of Light Steel Construction

This is the Advantages and Cons Of Light Steel Construction,In general properties of mild steel is lightweight, strong in an integrated system, has a flexible structure and able to deal with vibration, and does not distribute fire. The advantages of this is enough to convince people to use it. Mild steel material in making homes increasingly popular. Materials that proved to be more resistant to earthquake shocks are also increasingly widely used, not only for buildings post-disaster emergency, but also for luxury homes in big cities.

However when choosing mild steel construction be careful because one can choose the products, can cause huge losses. Not only the material, is also non-material. Do not be fooled by the low price, especially coming from a product that was not obvious quality assurance. No less important than mild steel material is a detailed installation, especially if the intended use of mild steel for an earthquake. However, if the homeowner is still in doubt with the use of mild steel for all parts of the house, and still insist on using the brick to the perimeter of the house, then it can be tricked by using home insulation system with mild steel and gypsum board in it. In large cities mild steel is now not an alternative material, but the ultimate choice. There are some major benefits that consumers can get when using mild steel. The use of mild steel is also effective and efficient in cost. One of them, ease of transportation, because the product is packaged in such a way.
This is the Advantages and Cons Of Light Steel Construction

Among them; when compared with wood frame, mild steel will not termite infestation, so that your home can be safe from termites. In addition, the use of lightweight steel allows the construction of a building faster than conventional materials. Because of mild steel products are designed in a systematic and computerized calculations in accordance with the construction of parts of the house in the form of modules. There is a module to the wall, is there anyway to roof. So the builders do not have to bother making your own size, just follow the instruction module, ready to use mild steel. However, although there are some people thought that the use of mild steel can swell due to the cost of building 15 percent more expensive than ordinary materials. However, when viewed as a whole, use mild steel because it is able to keep costs low fundamentals.

If mild steel is used in roof truss construction means that needs to be addressed is the selection of the type of roof to be installed, because of mild steel construction has the power limit is lower than the roof of a wooden frame, in the market today have a lot of choices about the types and kinds of roof for houses constructed of mild steel.