Monday, September 8, 2014

How to Organize Right Apartment Foyer,As we know, the foyer is a lounge area that can be used as an alternative living room. Placement foyer space can be said to have visitors because it is situated at the front. Foyer has extensive restrictions limited so you must be observant and clever in managing the foyer are not so cramped or crowded. As for some tips in managing the apartment foyer space includes:

How to Organize Right Apartment Foyer
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Reforming the foyer space design in accordance with the overall interior theme. For example, if the theme used is minimalist space then use furniture that is simple and without detail. Use warm colors such as orange memorable, brown soil, yellow turmeric, terracotta or brick red as the theme color to give the impression intimate foyer. Attach a large painting or photograph to the wall directly opposite the door so that when guests are visiting their eyes immediately fixed on the painting. Add mirrors to provide an elegant and can create the impression area. Note the accessories and furniture to be added as kredenza and foyer console table. Space for accessories, you can add family photos and vases of fresh flowers. Use lighting to give the room a warm impression. For example you can use a lamp that emits a yellow light as it can cause dramatic and character.
How to Organize Right Apartment Foyer
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Many ways can be done in laying the foyer. But in foyer arrangement shall be in accordance with the size and design of the foyer in order to remain memorable vast foyer. We recommend that caused the warm feel of the foyer and family at your apartment, so that guests feel closer to you and your family.

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