Sunday, September 7, 2014

How to Eliminate Paints Odor? ,For those of you who have a new home of course wanted to occupy the house, but the problem arises when the room still smelled of paint. Of course you would not be comfortable with the offensive smell of paint from your new home.

How to Eliminate Paints Odor?

Here are a couple of ways to get rid of the smell in the house newly renovated to better ensure your health. The smell of the various chemicals used when remodeling the house, it is not easy to remove, even after using a new air freshener odor is still a long struggle in the room.

How to Eliminate Paints Odor?

  • Open the windows wide and let the air flow perfectly. Fill a bucket with water until it is full, add vinegar to taste meal, put in a good ventilated room, open all the cupboard doors. This method can evaporate the water content to protect the paint on the walls, as well as to absorb the remaining odor.
  • The newly renovated house should not be occupied immediately, the air must be allowed to flow freely to eliminate odor. But if you want to remove the smell of paint quickly, use citrun acid and cotton bundles dip into it, hang it in the house and in a wooden cabinet. Do not leave doors and windows open, as it will make the new wall paint dries too fast so that the paint will quickly crack or break, thus ruining the beauty.
  • Pineapple is a fruit that has a rough fiber, can absorb the scent of paint, put some pineapple in each room, can accelerate to eliminate the smell of paint, but can also spread the aroma of fresh pineapple, it is the perfect mix.
  • The walls or floors freshly painted with oil paint, oil paint odors often are pierced nose, and will continue to remain long in the room, making the person feel dizzy smell it, very uncomfortable.
  • How primitive eliminate odors and kill germs. Insert the tea leaves to the fruit plate and place in the newly renovated rooms. Use white rice vinegar to bloat the entire room. The most economical way to beautify your home and of course by placing the right plant flowers in the room.

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