Saturday, September 6, 2014

Healthy Home For Your Home Good Home is the porch that we can enjoy in terms of comfort and health. Vestibule or porch is commonly called can you design your own as you see fit. In addition to the comfort and beauty, health factors also need to be considered in designing your home. How to create a comfortable and healthy homepage?

For those of you who have limited land, you can make your own homepage by creating a veranda at the top of the building. Can already imagine not, how comfortable resting on the porch. Take advantage of the empty space at the top of the building that potential because you will get some fresh air and sufficient sunlight. For those of you who want a veranda with all sides open, you need to make a field box dilobangi the other three sides. Exchange of the incoming air will make your leisure time was the maximum. 
Healthy Home For Your Home
You can orient your furniture to the side of the massive field. What if you narrow residential land next? No need to worry, you can still enjoy your porch is placed behind the dwelling. In order to add coolness, plant your veranda with ornamental plants. Lastly, you can create a homepage with the concept of "space between" without a roof. "The space between" inside the main building, the roof can be circumvented by providing transparent so that sunlight can penetrate into your home.
Healthy Home For Your Home

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