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Garden Lamp Lighting Tips to organize,Garden lamps arrangement is needed to add beauty garden mainly at night. There is no specific expertise that need to be considered in installation lamps, only need carefulness in arranging the lamps and analyze its beauty to the garden.
Garden Lamp Lighting Tips to organize

To design the layout lamps needs the count and imagination that was because there are a level of difficulty at the time determines the amount of lamp points that would be installed on the gardens. Number of a point the lamp that must be adjusted with high wide garden. It is Usually if a lamp that is set in the garden more than 3, then the park is big. For a public park needs less than 3 point light so it can be carried out by the installation. There are several things that need to be considered in the small garden, among whom is the choice of the light, security installation cabling and in determining the point that want to shine. In the manufacture installing garden lamp there were several steps that must be done is:

Garden Lamp Lighting Tips to organize
  • Set point location-lamp points. In defining point location - lamp points that must be the first time is a breeze for the electric cables from socket closest to point location-lamp points. The plot cable installation should draw closer to the wall.
  • Dig up land to the electric wiring installation. Dig up to a depth of 20 cm.
  • Pieces PVC pipes to the installation. On a pipeline to paint iron.
  • Enter cable into the pipeline and planted in the ground. After that have joined the tip cable into the house lamps and in the socket the other.

Garden Lamp Lighting Tips to organize

In addition to install on some things that need to be known, namely: In pool a lamp that is used is a lamp with the specification water a decrease. Types of lamps, can be red-hot or Correspondingly. Garden Lamps with the coolness of voltage is low ( 12 volt) and voltage than ( 220volt).  Choose according to your garden. For security reasons, garden lamp should choose device becomes impossibly low voltage that can prevent fatal accidents if there is no electricity leak. Use your long cable with appropriate, because the more length of the cable, more than others opportunity experienced voltage.

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