Friday, September 5, 2014

Caring for Tiny Garden At Home Page,So that the beauty of the park can be enjoyed to the fullest, of course, we must apply the appropriate treatment. In other words, we pay attention to what is needed in our garden so that plants can grow healthy and fertile. As a park owner who was instrumental in the care and nurture plants in the garden. Broadly speaking, the treatment plant include pruning, watering, fertilizing, and maintenance to keep him away from insects and pests.
Caring for Tiny Garden At Home Page
Trimming is made form the plant in accordance with what we expect. Pruning techniques and of course different purposes. Here we describe the purpose of trimming every way and for some types of plants. Commonly used tools are chainsaws. By using this chainsaw engine, in addition to the pruning process is faster, but also the results of the wood pieces neater. Tree pruning is usually done before the rainy season so that the pruned branches and twigs can quickly grow back. Pruning shrubs is usually done so that the plant is flowering more quickly, there are also aiming to retain the unique shape and size. Commonly used tool is the size scissors variegated plants. Should adjust the size of the scissors to the size of the bush. Grass is useful as a ground cover so that rain water does not easily eroded, useful also as a barrier so that the reflected light of the sun is not directly absorbed by the soil. The tools used are grass shears, choose one that suits your needs. The purpose of watering is to reduce the level of evaporation that occurs akbat high intensity of sunlight on plants. Often we see people watering plants in the morning and afternoon.
Caring for Tiny Garden At Home Page

In the dry season, when rainfall is very low, so the plants need water supply. You should water the plants more regularly this season. Equipment commonly used is a bucket, dipper, hose and sprinkler. To get the right kind of fertilizer, which is most important for you to know is soil and crop needs. In plants, the major components needed by plants are often called macro elements. To be effective, choose the type of fertilizer that has a high nitrogen content. As for the plants that are growing flowers, choose the type of fertilizers that contain high phosphorus content.

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