Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apply Eclectic Style At Home Interior,Design style is development of the concept on design of minimalist by mixing but classical elements in it. How to use force on this can be seen from furniture which is used in form of interior design furniture which carry the past (vintage) with modern furniture style. Furniture which is used also can be from used items that combined with a combined.
Apply Eclectic Style At Home Interior

For in the future this style could shift minimalist style trend. Using the concept was able to make the atmosphere pool to be more comfortable and dynamic. Furniture Material that is used to use rattan and also metal. Eclectic design suitable for those who have not determined design concept space for his house but has bought various financing interior design from various design concept. With various culture, design style is very suitable implemented in Indonesia. This design can be combined with the design ethnic groups in various areas in Indonesia. This style is called to the style eclectic ethnic group. As an example to the table or seats that modern style could use a woven. It could also the opposite. Table and chairs made with classic-style that there are many they are tearing down but constructed with using other concepts such as art deco or classic. If you like with various ethnic style, you can enter elements ethnic groups from other regions or countries such as style oriental China, Japan and South Korea.
Apply Eclectic Style At Home Interior
But should be considered the composition must be in harmony between design that one with other design. In addition to design style on space, can also be applied to house building. For example in the house that minimalist design can be given some classical ornament is to create a conducive atmosphere long ago such as creating a memorable house pillar long ago. And in the garden statues can be put into Roman style but does not need to change his minimalist concept.
Apply Eclectic Style At Home Interior
To organize the house using the concept on does not mean that you must rearrange the back your room. You still can use design minimalist house but by adding classical furniture in it. Interior design he did not have much money. Just use your old furniture devastated or work legacy of grandparent you.

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