Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Anvil Motion Automatic Modern Kitchen ,In the modern era now many indoor models are very interesting, especially the kitchen. Because so as valuable a kitchen so you can not say a true lazy if you do not already have a house with a kitchen and multi-purpose automatic models.
Anvil Motion Automatic Modern Kitchen
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Anvil Motion Kitchen is a kitchen with cabinets interior fittings and drawers that can be opened or closed automatically without having to touch it. All parts of the cabinets, drawers and other kitchen interior was that there had been fitted with sensors so that you can just wave a hand in front of the sensor then the cupboard or drawer will open automatically. If you are too lazy to wave, has provided a remote with a touch screen to open or close it.
Anvil Motion Automatic Modern Kitchen
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Especially for the closet itself, all the doors will open vertically or perpendicular, so no need to worry your head will stumble upon the cabinet doors open. By using a kitchen set that is completely automated, we will feel luxurious kitchen and working in the kitchen was a pleasant addition to the design as well as power savings in the closet that opens and closes automatically.
Anvil Motion Automatic Modern Kitchen
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Still you feel less with interior kitchen appliances? via the remote control, we can control some of the cabinets and drawers will open simultaneously. For example, if we are going to make the cake the oven door, cupboard to put cookies and other materials will be open at the same time so no need to bother opening one-on-one.

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