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The images of fires blazing out of control, huge plumes of smoke in the sky and homes burnt to the ground have struck horror in the hearts of many Israelis in recent days. In part, because the scenes are all too familiar.

It was almost six years ago to the day that Israel suffered its worst natural disaster ever. The fire that erupted in the Carmel Forest in northern Israel on December 2, 2010, lasting four days and claiming 44 lives, remains a national trauma.
Photos: Wildfire Blamed on Terror Spreads Through Israeli City
About 17,000 Israelis were evacuated from their homes during that disaster, and thousands of acres of forest were destroyed. It took U.S. intervention, in the form of a Boeing 747 Supertanker flown across the Atlantic, to extinguish the last flames.

The fatalities occurred when a bus carrying Israeli Prison Service cadets caught on fire on its way up to evacuate a prison on Mt. Carmel. Among the dead were 37 cadets, three firemen, one civilian, and three police officers, include the first woman ever to command the Haifa police force. Close to 20 countries – among them Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Holland, Egypt, Russia, and Britain – sent firefighting aircraft and crews to Israel to help battle the rapidly spreading flames. Even though peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians had just broken down, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas called to offer Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assistance. Both Palestinians and Jordanians sent fire trucks to Israel at the time.

The weather conditions then were remarkably similar to those today, as Shahar Ayalon, Israel’s former fire and rescue commissioner, notes. For that reason, he says, he was not surprised by the outbreak of the latest fires. “You have a combination of drought conditions and dry winds from the east, and this is the result,” he told Haaretz. “It’s to be expected.”
Photos: Wildfire Blamed on Terro Sspreads Through Israeli City

Clearly, Israel had been caught unprepared in 2010. It did not have the manpower or the equipment required to battle a fire of that magnitude. Nor did its command and controls systems operate as they should have. A year-and-a-half after the debacle, a special report by the State Comptroller assigned “special responsibility” to Interior Minister Eli Yishai, who at the time was in charge of the Israel Fire and Rescue Services, and to Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz. It stopped short of demanding their dismissal, though. The report also blamed Netanyahu and his Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich for not preparing sufficiently for the eventuality of such a calamity.

According to the findings of the State Comptroller report, Yishai was aware that the Fire and Rescue Service was understaffed and underequipped, yet made no effort to rectify the situation. The report also found that Steinitz had withheld funding from the country’s firefighting forces because they had failed to carry out reforms he demanded.

In wake of the report, the government approved a wide-ranging overhaul of Israel’s fire-fighting services. As part of the reform, a new centralized body, known as the Israel Fire and Rescue Authority, was created to replace the existing municipal-run firefighting services. Responsibility for firefighting was transferred from the Ministry of Interior to the Ministry of Internal Security. The reform called for recruiting hundreds of new firefighters, purchasing dozens of new fire trucks, establishing a squadron of firefighting aircraft, upgrading communications systems, and setting up a national command and control center.

Ayalon was appointed head of Israel’s firefighting authorities in 2011, not long after the Carmel disaster, and remained in his post until six months ago. During this time, he says, “everything that was promised was fulfilled.”  In recent years, according to Ayalon, 800 new firefighters were recruited – almost doubling the size of the force. A squadron of firefighting planes was established, and 20 new fire stations were opened around the country.

Requests made by Israel for international assistance in recent days, he says, should not be interpreted as a lack of preparedness. “It is very common in situations like this that countries request help from one another around the region,” he notes. “There have also been situations where we’ve sent help. During my tenure, in fact, I signed on many treaties that provide for such assistance.”

Three days later, the fires raging around Israel are still not under control. Should this be taken as a sign that the lessons of the Carmel debacle have not fully been learned? Not at all, responds Ayalon.  “I believe that if the things we did hadn’t been done, the situation today would have been much worse.

source ; haaretz

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Living in the largest country by area will be comfortable since there are no crowded residences. You can enjoy the breezy atmosphere without any one in the street interrupting.

If you always imagine about the good thing in largest country, you need to wait for a moment and see what happen to Sudanese people. Sudan is one of the largest countries in the world, but the life of the people in this place is terribly upset.
Top 10 Largest Countries in The World

10. Sudan
The tenth position of the largest country is taken by Sudan. It spans on the area of 2,505,815 square kilometers. In Africa, this country is on the first position. The terrain of this country primarily consists of desert and dry area.

9. Kazakhstan
Kazakhstan fills the ninth place of the largest country. The area of this country encompasses 2,717,300 square kilometers. The border of this country is the Caspian Sea. The terrain is dominated by the presence of desert and steppes.

8. Argentina
The eighth position of the largest country is filled by Argentina with the area of 2,766,890 square kilometers. The land that you can find in Argentina is fertile. You can have it as agricultural industry.

7. India
India grabs the seventh position of the largest country. It covers the area of 3,287,263 square kilometers. The population of this country is counted up to 1 billion people. India is considered as one of the influential country in term of culture.

6. Australia
The sixth largest country position is stolen by Australia. The area of this place is about 7,682,300 square kilometers. Most of the lands of this country are filled by desert and savannah. The country is not densely populated.

5. Brazil
Brazil is located on the fifth position of the largest country. It covers the area of 8,574,404 square kilometers. This country is famous as a great producer of coffee in the world. The industry in this place is estimated to grow well in 21st century.

4. China
With the area of 9,560,780 square, China can grab the fourth position of the largest country. The landscape of this country is diverse. You can see the dry desert, tropical forest or even hilly mountain.
3. USA
USA gains the third place of the largest country. This country spans on the area of 9,629,091 square kilometers. It is bordered by three kinds of oceans like Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean.

2. Canada
The position of the second largest country is taken by Canada. It occupies the area of 9,970,610 square kilometers. You can enjoy great scenery with its fabulous season in this place. Just like US, it is also bordered by three oceans.

The top position of the largest country is taken by Russia. The area occupies the land of 17,075,400 square kilometers. This country takes the land of Asia and Europe. Most parts of this country are not inhabited for they have hard climate. Top 10 Largest Countries in The World

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If you are feeling down and hopeless at times, be aware that you are not alone.  Everyone suffers periods of depression sometime during their lives.  For some, the down times are short-lived, for others, it takes years before there is any relief.

This small manual is a quick reference guide that will help you get through some difficult times.  I wrote this book from my own experience.

A combination of these tips will hopefully bring relief, Taking care of yourself is a life-long process.  The road to success has its obstacles, so don't ever give up.
17 Tips How To Get Through Depression, Let's Know

Helpful 17 Best Tips to Beat the Down Times.

1.  GET HELP - Call or visit a friend, relative, therapist or doctor.  Talking things out will relieve some of the suppressed anger or grief.  Your doctor might perscribe medication.  If so, follow his directions.  The numerous anti-depressants available now-a-days works wonders.

2. GET UP AND DO SOMETHING - Many people don't want to do anything when they are depressed.  They don't have the strength or desire to go out and be active.  This is an important time to take a walk (exercise will benefit you tremendously), or do some writing.

Take a nice warm bath with soothing music in the background.

Treat yourself to your favorite snack or meal.

Go outside or to the park and get some fresh air.  Take a moment and listen to the birds and wind (or traffic if you live in the city).  Take a deep breath and remind yourself that you will get through these times.

3. WRITE - Get a blank notebook or journal and write your thoughts and feelings.  If you don't know what to say, doodle or draw.  Spend at least 25 minutes or longer writing.  Read it later.  Keeping a journal is an interesting way of expressing your feelings.  You don't have to show the journal to anyone.

4. MAKE EXTRA MONEY - If you lie to make extra money, clean out your closets or garage.  Rent a booth at the local flea market and sell your unwanted items.

You will meet people, make money and be doing something.  "One man's junk is another man's treasure".  If you can make things, such as jewelry, stichery, candles or art, selling your work is definitely a spirit lifter.

5. PRAY - For those of you who believe in God, prayer is powerful.  It brings peace and hope.  Be patient and continue to ask for help.  You don't have to go to church. God is everywhere.  If you wish, read positive literature or listen to inspirational music.

Always rememeber that God loves you.  Keep a reminder in your pocket or purse.

6. GIVE YOURSELF PERMISSION TO CRY - It is OK to release your emotions. Express your feelings in a safe way and in a safe place...example, scream into a pillow, punch it or throw it across the room.

7. SEE A THERAPIST - Regular visits to a licensed professional who will support and help sort out your feelings is another tool to relieving depression.  They can give you more tools to help you get through depression as well as provide insight and options to help resolve your past and present issues.

8. IF POSSIBLE, GET A PET - A dog or cat gives unconditional love and he or she needs you just as much.  Studies show that owning a dog or cat reduces stress and...they are great, loyal companions.

9. GO TO THE LIBRARY - Read self-help books.  I recommend the book FEELING GOOD, by David Burns. Research depression and its types.  You will learn a great deal.

10. TALK TO YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR - Some people find this odd, but if you say positive things to yourself such as "You will be alright".  "You are a wonderful person; hang in there". "I like you and I care what happens to you", soon you will feel a difference.

11. NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS - Alcohol and/or drugs might give you some temporary comfort, but that is NOT the answer. It will only hurt you.  Please stay away from drugs and alcohol.

12. MAKE A WISH LIST - Write down all the things you wish to do in life. List the ones that sound reasonable and even those that might be impossible. Make a promise to work on the ones that are attainable.

example: Go back to school, change your career, exercise more, get your financial status up to date, find a new job, work on your relationships, take time out for yourself.

13. TAKE IN INFORMAL CLASS - Your local college or University offers a variety of classes for those who wish to learn something new. Take a class in creative writing, in arts and crafts or learn how to play the guitar. A computer class will enhance your skills at work and at home. A basic automotive class is extremely beneficial too.

14. SWIM, PLAY POOL OR GO TO A CONCERT - Get out and have some fun.

15. RENT A VIDEO - Comedies are my favorites. They get me laughing again. Try it.

16. VOLUNTEER - Help those who are less fortunate.  There are many centers that need your support the homeless, an abused children center, the handicapped and the elderly.  Spend a few hours a week volunteering your assistance.

17. DO SOMETHING YOU'VE NEVER DONE BEFORE - Is there something in your life you have never done but always wanted to?  Then, go for it. I started selling my creative writing and arts and crafts at the flea market. This boosted my self-esteem and brought me a little extra cash.  I also went camping with my daughter for the first time at age 40.  I loved it!
How To Get Through Depression, Let's Know This Tips how to get through depression without medication Huffington Post

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It is not enough to leave the security of your workstation to the guy responsible of computers in your company to be sure that you are risking nothing. Especially when you’re always on business trips  or if you work from home. Here are some tips you should adopted to protect your personal and professional data

To do so , a large range of hardware and Computer Security Software solutions are often implemented and maintained by teams of experienced professionals.

But despite this careful work, a critical point remains beyond the control of experts: the human factor which means  the behavior of users. Especially when they work from home, or use the same laptop for both home and office use.
Tips How To Get The Best Computer And Data Security
image source
When you add  to this  a list of outside materials regularly connected to the company network – such as USB sticks or PDAs – control becomes more complicated. Without the cooperation of users, it will be impossible to protect the corporate network. Here is A non-exhaustive list of some basic rules to protect your data in the office, while you are on a business trip or you work from home.

The basic rules in the office

Letting  Passwords written on a Post-it stuck on the computer, stored in a file or given to other persons (whether it’s colleagues or not) are all high-risk practices, but that are still very prevalent in companies.

Choose a password hard to guess but easy to remember , And do not write anywhere. Change it on regular intervals and never tell anyone about .

Think twice before you install softwares such as  Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Kazaa these softwares  are very popular and probably very useful, but they have nothing to do on your work computer (except if it is used as the official company mail). Theses softwares are Regularly exposed to  virus attacks and  can open the door to infections of all kinds. Especially if the files transmitted through them are not analyzed by  an antivirus !

And if you want to install a new software to use for a professional use on your desktop , check with your manager before you install a beta version or one found on Internet.He will probably provide you with  a legal and working version of the software, so you will not endanger the Data Security of of your company. There is no need to remind youy that the illegal downloading of data from your work computer is absolutely not recommended!

External tools: are you sure that they are not a potential risk ? If you need to connect personal devices such as PDAs to your network, ask for help from your manager, to avoid contaminating the network with viruses.

E-mail, spam, spywares : A Good attitude  is  to  regularly update your  antivirus, the security of e-mail is for the most part already assured. But you should still apply the general rules of vigilance such as never opening suspicious attachments.

Do not respond to spams (this would only serve to validate your e-mail) and avoid downloading free software which often contain spyware.

Traveling or at home: think about security as well

A session for each member of your family is not recommended to let the other members of your family or friends  use your laptop. But if you decide to do so, at least take the necessary precautions.

Create a session with a password for each user. This prevents access to  the data of the company. You can also set passwords or additional protections for certain confidential files. so they won’t be modified or deleted accidentally.

Secure your office Internet connection in, the Data Encryption security often used in company’s network protects your data. But what about the home internet connection? Remember to update your antivirus and install personal firewall.

Be careful to the use of software  licenses   indeed who  has not already  tried to install his friend software or the one he has found in the office  on his personal computer? Even if this practice seems innocent is in fact a violation of software licenses.These licenses are often granted for a specified number of computers, and are not eligible to be used  somewhere else .

That’s it be sure that if you do follow all these rules, you will be able to avoid any bad surprise
Tips To Get The Best Computer And Data Security Jewish angry Biography Duterte's President Hitler comments

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Riding the tallest roller coaster will make us trilled and excited. It will be a very challenging situation for the people who love with something fun. There are many kinds of rollercoaster in the world that you can enjoy with its tallest structures. Let me tell you about the tallest roller coaster in the world for your next thrilling ride.

1. Kingda Ka Roller Coasters picture via
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Kingda Ka is the first tallest roller coaster that you can enjoy. The height of this structure is 456 feet. You just need to visit Six Flags Great Adventure located in New Jersey, US. This interesting ride was opened to the public in November 2010.

2. Top Thrill Dragster Roller Coasters image via rense
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Top Thrill Dragster gains the first position of the tallest roller coaster. The location on this roller coaster is on Cedar Point, Ohio. The first public opening of this ride was on 2007. The height of this structure is 420 feet.

3. Superman: Escape from Krypton photo via video
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Superman: Escape from Krypton provides the riders with 2 parallel tracks. This roller coaster can sprint from zero to 104 mph within 7 seconds. The height of this structure is 415 feet. You need to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain, California to enjoy this ride.

4. Tower of Terror II, Dreamworld picture from
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Let’s fly to Australia if you want to try the Tower of Terror II. It is located on Dreamworld, Queensland. The height of this roller coaster is 377 feet. The public opening of this ride was held on January 23rd 1997.

5. Steel Dragon 2000 Nagashima image via google plus
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Steel Dragon 2000 is located on the first position of the tallest roller coaster. The structure of this roller coaster is constructed by using lots of steels to protect it from the earthquake. More than 50 million dollar is expended to build this roller coaster.

6. Millennium Force Cedar Point Sandusky wallpaper via
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
You can visit Ohio if you want to enjoy Millennium Force Cedar Point Sandusky. The height of this tallest roller coaster is 310 feet. It has attracted lots of riders from all over the world.

7. Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion Doswell image via
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Intimidator 305 Kings Dominion Doswell steals the seventh position of the tallest roller coaster. The height is counted at 305 feet. This roller coaster is full of surprises and features that will make you scream loud.

8. Thunder Dolphin Tokyo Dome City Attractions Bunkyo via
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
The location of Thunder Dolphin Tokyo Dome City Attractions Bunkyo is on Tokyo, Japan. The length of this roller coaster is 3,500 feet, while the height is up to 262 feet. This interesting ride can make you fly with the top speed of 81 miles per hour.

9. Fujiyama Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida foto via
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Fujiyama Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida gains the ninth position of the tallest roller coaster. The height comes in the measurement of 259 feet. The public opening of this roller coaster was dated on 1996.

10. Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida Roller Coaster
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures
Eejanaika Fuji-Q Highland Fujiyoshida is on the last position of the tallest roller coaster. The height of this feature is 249 feet. This roller coaster can give you challenging experience for it has 14 inversions.
Top 10 Tallest Roller Coasters in the World With Pictures List of roller coaster rankings

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Get inpirational and practical concepts for living room decorating from living room concepts hunting for living room images and living room pictures housetohome has a very large number living room decorating concepts no matter your decorating vogue.

living room style concepts and photos – decorating concepts for living find inspirational living room decorating concepts here we feature pictures of living room designs, foyers, furniture and often tips and tricks on how you’re going to will.

Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room DesignLiving room concepts – how to firmly info ehow. com whether or not you decision it a living room, family room, gathering room or den, almost everything that do most in the most room of your homes is live our living room concepts for decorating and. living room inspiration & how to firmly decorate living room pottery barn serving to you style and set up a fresh living room with best furniture concepts, wall paint and decor, and download free interior style software programs to firmly get started these days.
Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

living room decorating - martha stewart decorating by room how will you wish your living room as being is it sensible and comfy or is it cozy and informal does it have minimalist furniture and styled with accessories.

Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

Modern design could be a trend today particularly for all those folks whose main focus is that the purpose of their total home.

aside from that, the clean look of modern interiors build homeowners love this kinds of concept and that is clutter free and stress free. what additional if you do use minimal furniture and accessories ? your living room can surely look light-weight and calming. it’d even be a whole lot easier out to clean it.
Photo Minimalist Modern Living Room Design

you would certainly  intend to go home if you do feature a minimalist modern living room, you certainly will even invite your friends or family out to show them how relaxing your living room appearance like, or today’s post, we can show you stunning minimalist modern living room designs which can inspire you out to have one, too
Decorating a kitchen can be satisfying. In this section you can find ideas how to turn an old kitchen into a modern one. All the articles found here in this section of provide you useful information that can help with any decorating idea you have in mind. You have the freedom to pick and choose between hundreds of cabinets, countertops, range hoods, and pot racks in order to create your own unique kitchen.

However, if you're not sure where to begin or do not know how various appliances and furnishings work in accordance with one another, pictures of existing kitchen styles can be a great source of ideas. Within each style, home owners have incredible choices to personalize their kitchen décor.
Kitchen Decor ideas For Small Kitchens

By learning more and more about kitchen décor options and kitchen island design ideas, you will eventually discover the style that best suits your personality, home and family

One of the great advantages of having a traditional kitchen is that it may never go out of style. There may be appliances and equipment you wish to change after a period of time. However, in a traditional kitchen, various items are interchangeable. You can dramatically change the look and feel of a traditional kitchen by making small changes. Common traditional styles include black and white checkered flooring, cherry wood cabinetry with green marble counters, and even all-white designs with blue accents.
Kitchen Decor ideas For Small Kitchens

Kitchen Decor ideas For Small Kitchens

Curtains and tablecloths in traditional style kitchens commonly feature floral or fruit designs. Other popular designs include plaid and stripes. These patterns are often found on seat cushions, table mats, and floor mats located near sinks and ovens.

Country style decorating is the hottest trend in home design, especially for the kitchen. Country warmth, safety, and comfort are the hallmarks of this style. Numerous patterns and mismatched furniture, carpeting, and cabinetry make the country kitchen visually inspiring.

Rather than coordination and symmetry, the goal of the country style kitchen is overall effect. The idea is to make things looks as though there is no rhyme or reason behind their placement.

Many country kitchens feature wooden workstations or pot racks that do not match other furnishings. This is considered acceptable, so long as the finishes do not clash. Various types of wood can compliment one another in the same way that harmonious colors do. Even the chairs situated around a kitchen table need not be identical. Kitchen Decor Ideas For Small Kitchens kitchen design minimalist vintage style
Planning a new kitchen or remodeling an existing one can be exciting and challenging. Remodeling your kitchen may be one of the most important home improvements you can make, and is the most valuable. Updating and kitchen remodeling will add more value to you home than any other improvement!
Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos

Kitchen Planning and Design

Style Home Design offers you lots of kitchen remodeling tips, advices and help with planning, designing and buying your kitchen or practical kitchen accessories.

Kitchen design trends are constantly changing, as are the choices of colors and materials. However, there are still some basic concepts that never change, and hopefully you will find them here. Use the useful links on the left to navigate through the site.
Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos

Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos

Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos will try to guide you through the kitchen remodeling process of decision making and purchasing with a step-by-step manual that is easy to follow and is filled with tips. The kitchen remodeling advice and information on this site is offered for free.
Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos

Our goal behind this site is that you should be able to find out just about everything you will ever need to know about kitchens and kitchen design and kitchen planning - either directly on this site or through the many links within the site. We believe we offer a unique kitchen planning resource - which we hope you will bookmark and return to regularly. We are not affiliated with or associated with any kitchen store or supplier so it is also unbiased. Between us we have over 25 years experience in the kitchen design industry. Thank you for visiting! 
Kitchen Remodeling Designs Photos kitchen design ideas for small kitchens

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